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Show: Adventure Time Song: I'm Just Your Problem [Marceline Song] Vocals: EileMonty Arrangement: John Hernandez Q.attro


Recently a friend of mine AcoutsticBrony got me into Adventure Time Music [I have yet to properly watch the show, Only seen snippets x3] I heard this song and thought it was awesome and then found the talented John Hernandez Q.attro's instrumental arrangement to it whilst browsing you of tube.

Cause the song cuts off near the end I had to make up my own lyrics (^.^')

Lyrics:- Ladadadada I'm gonna bury you in the ground Ladadadada I'm gonna bury you in my sound I'm gonna drink the red from you pretty pink Face "Oh you don't like that? Or do you just not like me?"

Sorry I don't treat you like a goddess Is that what you want me to do Sorry I don't treat you like your perfect Like all your little loyal subjects do Sorry I'm not made of sugar And I'm not sweet enough for you Is that why you always avoid me? I must be such an inconvenience to you, well I'm just your problem I'm just your problem It's like I'm not even a person, am I? I'm just your problem

Well, I shouldn't have to justify what I do I shouldn't have to prove anything to you I'm sorry that I exist I forget I'm an enemy on your black list but I shouldn't have to be the one that makes up with you, so Why do I want to? Why do I want to? Cause of you I don't have a clue, So Why Why do I want to?

That's why, I want to bury you in ground That's why, I don't want to hear another sound These feelings they cannot bloom Sorry I don't even have the room So why, Do I want to apologize to you I'm Just your problem

~ Hope everyone enjoys the song =3

Thanks for listening

~ Monty

P.s. Anyone asking about picture perfect pony mp3 upload video thang. It will be uploaded as soon as the art is finished that I want to go with the video (^.^)-d

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