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There is no battle more honorably fought than that between a brother and sister.

Translation by: Cysote

The Japanese Lyrics, Romaji, and Translation w/Notes can be found here:

Original Nico Broadcast:

Vocaloids: Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len Music/Arrange/Mix: Giga (ギガ) mylist/7894586, @GigaMozuku Lyric: Reol (れをる) mylist/32224898, @RRReol Illust: △○□× mylist/25806743, @miwasiba Movie: Okiku (お菊) mylist/25801793, @__Lizel


My translation is most likely inaccurate.

(1) 0:18 ry is internet slang for something that's abbreviated (it's shorthand for 以下略 ikaryaku). What's going on here is that Rin is abbreviating their history, so I used "etc." since most English speakers would understand this same idea.

(2) 0:23 This line is inaccurate, as I had a bit of a time trying to understand it. "It's a race" is not actually said here, only "Ready, go" is, but without "it's a race" it just sounds weird in English.

(3) 1:23 くらえ(kurae) is the commanding form of "to eat", and is also a vulgar way to say so. As there was no direct object for the eating to be done, I figured its second meaning was the one meant here, which is "to receive". Saying "Receive!" as a command to someone is weird in English, so I reworded the idea.

(4) 1:53 Lit. "I've been completely provoked".

(5) 3:12 いただきます(itadakimasu) is what is said here, not "pardon me". Some of you will know いただきます(itadakimasu) from anime or other places, where it is said before eating a meal. Directly translated, it means "I humbly receive", but this kind of phrase is not normally said in English. I went with "pardon me" for this colloquial reason.

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